How Doe Deere Rose To The Top

There’s quite a few things you can say about Doe Deere, but one of the things nobody would dare accuse her of is failure. She’s managed to create a million dollar empire and was the first of the Youtube generation to do so. Now, Millennials across the world look at her as a model of success. Naturally, that success has led to so many people bringing hate towards her and what she has done. Despite those naysayers, she still remains one of the most successful ecommerce cosmetics dealers around. That only happens when you have the best business strategy around. Learn more:


The most important to understand about the success of Doe Deere is that she has managed to create her success by taking her childhood ambitions and turning them into something. This is exactly what separates her from the competition. She wanted to this from a young age and fought to see her dreams come true. It started with one brand of lipstick, but her imagination and drive made it so much more. Few people ever reach her level of success because most people do not attempt to have that same level of creativity. Instead, many people start businesses with nothing but dollar signs in their head. Learn more:


Doe Deere didn’t have anyone before her that she could model herself after. She was the first of the Youtube generation to try to make it big with a cosmetics business. Doe Deere had to take each and every fan of hers from simply watching her videos to actually buying a product. This conversion process is far from easy or simple. It isn’t for the faint of heart of those who don’t want to hear no. That trailblazing was risky, but it has paid off immensely. She is now at the top of her industry.


When Doe Deere decided to make Lime Crime, she didn’t have the privilege of insane amounts of money to spend on ads and market research. She had to trust her gut to give her the right approach to the market. There’s wisdom to be found in that approach you’ll likely never see in more conventionally created companies. Most companies have an unfortunate need to make sure every single move is laser guided and prepackaged before they decide to reach out. Deere was able to succeed precisely because she bucked those trends and went for the consumers she knew would lover her cosmetics.


Most people have amazing dreams as children, but as they become adults they slowly abandon their dreams. Doe Deere chose to never give up and spent years building her empire. Now, she enjoys the fruits of her labor while expanding the business. Lime Crime isn’t showing any signs of stopping with new efforts to create entirely new products and appeal to new consumers. Millennials are a creative bunch and trying everything to make themselves successful. If they follow in the footsteps of Doe Deere, they should have no problem reaching their goals and making something of themselves.