Roland Dickey Jr represents the package of what it means to be successful. He is a highly productive leader whose role as CEO of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant Inc. and afterwards Dickey’s Capital Group. Roland Jr is an individual who is strategic about all his business decisions. His time with the company has been one of the most productive times ever for the Dickey Barbecue Pit restaurant. Top of the list of his priorities is the growth of the restaurant. The work put in, and the success achieved by Roland Dickey Jr is clear from the growth experienced in the company. From just a few franchises when he took over as CEO, the restaurant was at 400 franchise locations located in and outside the United States by the time he was moving on to the Dickey Capital Group.

The first location of the Dickey’s Barbecue Pit was in Texas, which still hosts the main branch. Later on, in 1994, the expansion process began, and the restaurant ended up with other franchise restaurants in Colorado and Denver. Roland Sr and his brother T.D.; two were the first heirs of the restaurant, having taken over from their father and mother, Travis and Ollie Dickey.

All along, Roland Dickey Jr has been working alongside his father Roland Sr and uncle T.D. He became CEO in 2006. The CEO position, in the beginning, was not smooth sailing for Roland Jr. He took over at a time when there was a great economic downturn, but this did not hinder his plans for the growth of the restaurant. Therefore, he took the downturn as an opportunity to take the business to the next level. Some of the advantages he gained from the downturn are low prices in real estate and increased demand for quality food. Through strategic decision-making, Roland Dickey Jr invested in the right sectors like marketing, accounting, advertising, etc. Eventually, the results of these decisions and investments started to show through the rapid growth of the restaurant.