In the entertainment platform, Roc Nation is a very influential organization. The institution stands out from the rest in the market because it represents several famous and respected recording artists and athletes. The celebrities in this company have always maintained a high level of success. When this big brand was established in the year 2008, Desiree Perez says that it had a different look. When everything began, Roc Nation had only five workers in all of its departments. The evolution of this successful company happened very fast. Desiree Perez put all of her efforts into the business so that she could understand how everything operates. By the time she was starting to bring smooth operations into the organization, the platform was already massive, employing over one hundred professionals. The change at Roc Nation was very fast. The management was extremely excited to transform their organization in a short time and impress everyone.

Desiree Perez is among the five founders who have been present since the company started. The young woman has helped to shape the organization in each of the steps. In 2019, JAY Z, another founder of the organization made Desiree Perez the chief executive officer of Roc Nation. The appointment, according to market experts, was made because Perez could match the top responsibilities. While people gain this top role and boast about it, Perez did not notice the change in her title. Her focus and duties have remained for years. The businesswoman has tried so hard to do whatever is right for Roc Nation. Unlike other leaders, Perez wants her company to get to the international platform and make the best impact. Being the top leader at Roc Nation has brought a great change in the company, especially during the pandemic. Perez has remained very still and confident that her brand will push through the hard times and remain very successful and more