Alex Pissios role in the prestigious Cinespace Studios cannot be understated. He has been very instrumental in the growth of the company. The public knows him best for being the owner and founder, together with his family of this celebrated studio in Chicago. He started working with the family before finally breaking into the Chicago film industry. 

Even though he is still involved in the franchise, Alex Pissios is no longer part of the company’s active management. The franchise was recently acquired by TPG Real Estate Partners, who have vouched to bring in a new management team. 

The high point of Alex Pissios and the studio franchise was their involvement with the decorated producer of Law and Order, Dick Wolf, that saw several legendary TV shows such as Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Med use the Cinespace studios. 

Since then, the studio catapulted into fame, attracting a variety of legendary TV shows, including the Empire and Fargo. Alex Pissios has since declined to comment on the value of the acquisition deal. The deal is estimated to be worth $1 billion. However, he has publicly stated the studio has expansion plans targeting 19 additional new stages. With the new ownership, the company is expected to grow even more.

Today, the business is one of the most successful studios in the country, thanks to Alex Pissios and his family. TPG Real Estate firm will be taking over the company’s operations with a promise to bring in more business to the company.