Meeting the right people in life builds your life, while the wrong crew destroys your good intentions. A group of four friends founded Hawkers co. as a merchandising company. Although they had not thought about sunglasses, one of the brothers bought a pair of designer glasses which they sold and made some profit. We all agree that businesses blossom where there is profit. Nonetheless, the company founders had a clear philosophy of ensuring that they offer designer, high-quality, affordable and classy glasses. Although the company had a promising start in Spain, the success was short-lived, and losses started crippling in.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was a suitable candidate for Hawkers, and the founders decided to bring him on board to lead the company. After joining the company, Alejandro Betancourt has soared Hawkers to a new level. Under his leadership as the president of this company, Betancourt has pinned their name in international sunglasses brand sellers. Alejandro Betancourt joined hands with a group of investors who brought about 56 million US Dollars. Shortly after this investment, the company decided to strengthen its leadership by appointing Nacho Puig.

Mr. Puig’s role was to oversee the company’s operations and ensure the company was growing. Alejandro capitalized on the success story in Spain to broaden company’s niche to Europe, Asia and North America. Mr. Lopez became the company’s major shareholder in 2018 after injecting an additional 21.7 million US Dollars into the company. Notably, Alejandro Betancourt encourages his team to push hard and never give up despite facing numerous challenges along the way. He believes that falling should not deter you from trying, but this should be a steppingstone to planning your next move and avoiding similar mistakes. Nonetheless, the company has been growing significantly, having branches in Barcelona, Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Hong Kong. The company’s success is pegged on its over 200 employees and a market presence in over 50 countries. To know more click: here.