The future of Planned Parenthood is in good hands with their President and Chief Executive Officer, Laura McQuade at the helm. Recent years of abortion protests have caused the organization to be put into question. The federal government did not help when it enacted restrictions of the Title X funding and refusal-of-care-rules. This should have slowed down Planned Parenthood’s goals and objectives. However, there does not appear to be anything that could stop the plans of the organization.

Laura McQuade plans to initiate a merger with five affiliate organizations within the state of New York. This merger would bring the non-profit organization’s operating budget from $54 million to $100 million in the first year alone. This increase in Planned Parenthood’s operating budget would allow the organization to further expand their impact in the great state of New York.

This merger would increase the outreach the organziation has in New York. McQuade plans to open 28 health centers, hire around 900 employees, and be able to support 200,000 patients a year in these health centers. Indirectly, the merger would also provide Planned Parenthood with a much needed leverage on the negotiation table. The organization would then potentially be able to better negotiate partnerships with larger health systems and negotiate with commercial payers.

Planned Parenthood’s future is filled with challenges from all sides. CEO Laura McQuade properly demonstrates what it means to fight against the odds. As the CEO goes on to state of future plans to being able to open more health centers across the state.

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