Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is a man of leadership and a dedicated Orthodox Jew. Born in 1962 in Great Britain of the UK, he attended several schools, including Harvard University. He first moved to Israel in 1989 and served in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) as a combat medic, as well as, a reserve officer. In 1991 he began to work for the Israeli Foreign Ministry and in 2011 he became the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom. In 2015, he retired from being the Israeli Ambassador and today, Daniel Taub is the Director of Strategy and Planning of the Yad Handiv foundation.


When Daniel Taub first became Ambassador, he wanted to make change, to bring two countries (Great Britain and Israel, closer together. He stated in an interview, that after his four year run, he feels that actually happened. Taub is said to be the most successful and popular Israeli envoy since Shlomo Argov. He has made a difference, been there during crises and stood as a voice for Israel. He has talked to the media on shows like Today and Newsnight. Taub stated in the interview that Britain is the financial center of the world, and to be in the Middle East during a time of such dramatic changes, he figured out out to keep peace, for the countries to stay on the same page. He has been a man to put his own personal views to the side and to help people understand Israeli people and Israeli leadership. Taub is a man of thought, to look deeper at the problem at hand. He explains in the interview that Israel has an enormous opportunity they are taking advantage of as country and though there are growing concerns with other countries because of Israel’s growing technology, this is a thing to be nurtured. Even after the Obama initiatives, the US as a deep, incomparable relation with Israel and the US is who is still supplying Israel with the latest technology. He knows there are similar beliefs between countries; freedom of speech, the position of women and minorities, attitudes towards homosexuals. Israel has the same progressive values as other countries, as well as, the same terrorists. Learn more: http://frenchtribune.com/avis/25611-ambassador-daniel-taub-unravels-balfour-declaration


Though Daniel Taub is no longer the Israeli Ambassador, he still strives to help. He stands for unity and progression and is still a lecturer and public speaker.




Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley is certainly someone to keep your eye on. The New Jersey native has had experience now working with all varying aspects of production and creation of content. While working in front of the camera acting on the successful television show The Vampire Diaries, he also spent time behind the camera directing on that show as well.

Paul Wesley

Wesley also has produced a great deal of content, moving into features with 2014’s Shawn Christensen film Before I Disappear; where he also acted alongside Emmy Rossum and Ron Perlman. Another performance in 2014 which showcased a different side of the actor was his role in Amira & Sam, directed by Sam Mullin. No stranger to the stage from even his earlier days in theater studies, his recent 2016 turn as Flynt in William Francis Hoffman’s “Cal in Camo” was very well received and a departure from other performances, working with Katya Campbell playing the titular character and David Harbour of Stranger Things. Looking into his body of work as a whole so far, Wesley has proven himself to be a man capable of very different performances, as well as a collaborative spirit to yield the best depiction of the story at hand.

Paul WesleyMany actors are very good at working on screen, but it takes a very different approach to be able to work behind the scenes. It is clear from the films and television that has been made thus far, Wesley has no sight of slowing down or settling into one facet of the creative process, which can only yield better and more innovative work in the future.

Paul Wesley

Securus Customers Refer Exclusive Technology

Are you under pressure with your current inmate call provider with huge fees? What’s worst is feeling like you’re paying for fees you don’t use, but Securus Technology only supports a network with strong customer feedback. Their CEO, responsible for primary services and features at Securus says, it’s very important to include their customers in their design model. He understands it is the customers who decide on the services which benefit the family and inmate calling community. They have also been a part of their integrated website forum allowing their customers to refer and compare inmate technology.


Securus proudly received their start as an inmate regulator for other networks and continue to use their technology to protect the general public. Their surveillance and monitoring techniques continue to be very popular among their users. You can rest assured with Securus you’re on a network with little to no dropped calls and easy access to your account anytime. Most inmates and their families have said they feel limited trying to communicate with love ones in a correctional facility. Treat yourself to an inmate that’s easier to navigate conveniently from their website. You’ll be glad you made the switch to Securus Technologies.


Preferred Customer Securus Technology


remote visitation

– multiple device compatibility

– online inmate photos

– transfer money to an inmates account

– 24 hour IT support

inmate voicemail

– email access

– kiosk system

– and much more…


Their customers have been proudly comparing their technology to other networks. In fact, you’ll love getting customer advice from actual users of the Securus technology features. Their website has descriptive tabs of each of their features on their website. Get the best of your inmate communication over a secure network you can rely on for superior coverage with Securus Technologies.


Shiraz Boghani Is Using His Skills And Resources To Change Lives

Sussex Healthcare is a UK based care and support home. They help patients dealing with all sorts of physical, mental, and social issues, as well as the elderly. Sussex Healthcare specializes in many unique treatments. The unique treatments and care are for Dementia, Neurological disorders, and even individuals of all ages with profound multiple learning disabilities. They are not new to administering care, having provided over 25 years of healthcare to patients, they are only getting better. They seek to maximize their time and resources to help their patients live the utmost fulfilling life. Shiraz Boghani is a board member and Partner of Sussex Healthcare Limited.

Born in Kenya, Shiraz Boghani moved to the UK in 1969 to work as an accountant for a small Chartered Accountants. This was a small firm he worked at, but his innovation and quick thinking as a businessman he found business opportunities wherever he went.

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Mr. Boghani has helped found and launch many successful projects. He is the founding partner of Sojourn Hotels LLP and currently is serving as its chairman. He is one the managing partners at the Splendid Hotels Group, serving there as its Director.

While being the chairman for Splendid Hotels Group, Mr. Shiraz Boghani received Hotelier of the Year Award at the Asian Business Awards in 2016. He is a strong believer in group efforts. He attributes much of the success he’s experienced to the work of executives and management teams.

Shiraz Boghani is well versed in what it takes to construct an extravagant and comfortable hotel. He owns 19 of the United Kingdoms trading hotels and has over 30 years of hospitality industry experience. It would only make sense to have Mr. Boghani on the Sussex Healthcare team. He has business savvy, knowledge, and years of experience in designing an infrastructure to house and delight individuals. This transferred into the home and care industry transfers well because these people most of all need top of the line attention to truly live the maximized like Sussex Healthcare desires to implement. Mr. Boghani is spending more time now devoted to ventures such as these because he sees the potential impact. He spends considerable portions of his wealth funding charities, voluntary efforts, with tools and treatments to aid all types of patients.

Overall, Shiraz Boghani has and will for years continue to utilize his mind, skill set, and resourcefulness for others in need.

Diplomat Daniel Taub achievements for the Jewish community

Daniel Taub has played a big role in making the diplomatic relations between Israel and the United Kingdom better. He was appointed by the ministry of foreign affairs in Israel to represent the country in London. He was the ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom. In this position, Daniel Taub left no stone unturned. He worked diligently and proved to everyone that he was indeed up to the task. His work in the office of the ambassador saw the two countries have a better relationship that was driven by issues of mutual interests. Daniel Taub legacy in this position is out there for any person especially the Jews to read. He has accomplished a lot than any other diplomat who has ever represented Israel.



Daniel Taub was appointed to this position due to his earlier dedication to serving the government and the people of Israel. He had worked for many years under the ministry of foreign affair. His achievements in earlier duties under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs led to his appointment as the envoy to the United Kingdom.



Daniel Taub is an international attorney. He has studied international law with a bias in counter-terrorism and laws of war. He has applied his knowledge in legal matters to help, his country deal with issues of international stature. He has been acting as the adviser of the delegation that represents Israel in the United Nations at Geneva and New York. Daniel Taub has also worked in other posts in positions of either legal or diplomatic mission.



Daniel Taub tenure in the United Kingdom was marked by a show of a staunch orthodox Jew who would not keep his belief and religion away from his service. He normally wore the Kippah as a show of his strict adherence to the Jewish culture.



Daniel Taub did his work diligently by ensuring that his country and the Jewish community came first. He cared for the welfare of his people. This is the reason why he was loved by his people. He worked very hard to see that there were improvements in their welfare in terms of social and economic growth. He made sure that there was a cordial relationship between the two countries that would allow for a good environment for the Jews to live and do business.


The Jewish community refers to him as the best ambassador since the time of Shlomo Argov. He cared for the Jewish community very much.


Visit http://www.daniel-taub.co.il/ to learn more.


Hussein Sajwani and His Career History

Hussein Sajwani is an Emirati who specializes in property development and is also the Chief Founder of the Real Estate development Company DAMAC Properties. Hussain Sajwani Family enjoys the position they hold as the top ten richest families in Dubai. Hussein was born to an entrepreneur father who sold watches that he imported from China. Sajwani got a scholarship to study in the US where he majored in Engineering and Economics; he graduated from the University of Washington. Learn more: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/donald-trump-new-years-eve-speech-president-elect-dubai-business-partner-hussain-sajwani-mar-a-lago-a7507551.html


Companies Sajwani has worked with


Sajwani began his actual career back in 1981 when he joined Abu Dhabi Gas Industries in the finance department. Hussein Served in the Abu Dhabi Gas Industries for two years before starting his catering venture. Some of the clients he enjoyed serving were the US military and Bechtel. Hitherto, the venture is still operational and is now known as the Global Logistics Services. Later in 2002, Sajwani founded and launched the DAMAC Properties and is now the largest property development company in the Middle East.


Hussein and Donald Trump


Many people have always shown interest in knowing about the relationship between the two. Hussein and Donal Trump are the two people behind the success of DAMAC properties. Since the launch of DAMAC in 2002, the two have worked closely to ensure that the company does achieve most of its key objectives and goals. It is claimed that Sajwani learned most of his business management skills from the Veteran, US president, Donald Trump. To some extent, that claim holds some facts as the two have always manifested some close business relationship for a very long time. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hussainsajwani



As the DAMAC Owner, Mr. Sajwani is a businessman who does not forget to give back to the society. Through DAMAC Properties, he has supported projects which are meant to support children by donating 2 million Arab Emirate Dollars. This amount of money he devoted to more than 500,000 children who lived in indigent families from all parts of the world. Sajwani said that he would just want to see the children comfortable and at least in stable health.


Securus Technologies Makes Positive Impact On Customers

Out of all the inmate communications companies in the nation, Securus Technologies has been delivering consistently great customer service and cutting edge technology to all their customers. CEO and President of Securus, Rick Smith, stated the customer service department receives hundreds of emails weekly regarding different things such as the software, or the promptness of the company.


In the original posting, which can be found here, facility managers and law enforcement agencies wrote in to Securus to praise both the voice recognition and security software. It was stated that the software has helped in current investigations and was instrumental in catching criminal behavior both in and out of facilities. The staff at Securus was also recognized for being prompt, discrete, and helpful when asked to assist with evidence related to recorded admissions of crime.


Securus Technologies has a state of the art communications facility in Dallas, Texas, with several smaller offices around Texas and Georgia. Securus is constantly updating or creating safety and security software, and carries the most patents out of any inmate communications companies. CEO Rick Smith has offered customers and competitors alike a tour of their new facilities.


Securus Technologies has contracts with over 3400 facilities and takes care of 1,200,000 inmates daily. Securus specializes in: information management, incident management, emergency response, biometric analysis, investigation, public information, and inmate self service. To read more about Securus Technologies, please click here.


The Open Society Foundations which George Soros has supported

How much would you be willing to pay for something that you believe in? Well, for George Soros, $6 billion and counting. It is the amount of money that he has been spending on open society foundations for the past 30 years. He is a firm believer in the fact that even if the society is not as perfect as he envisions it, it is still possible for everyone to do that one or two acts that improve the world for everyone else. Soros was born and partly raised in Hungary and learn more about George Soros.

The experiences that one goes through when they are growing up sometimes end up defining who they will be in their future. Soros was an asylum seeker in London after fleeing the Nazi occupation of Hungary. He struggled as a porter and a busboy to pay for his college education. When he graduated, he worked for some companies. All this time, his biggest dream was to come up with his hedge fund. Years later, he was able to pull together investors and create a hedge fund worth $12million and more information click here.

He came into real wealth when he ‘broke the bank’ in the 1993 short sale of Sterling Pounds. After making a profit of a billion dollars in a day, he moved to New York and set up his businesses there. It is here that he has managed to pursue his passion of assisting open society foundations and what George Soros knows. His support to these groups has led to people supporting and dissenting with his opinions in equal measure. He was once linked to a group which was fighting for the rights of people to determine their end of life choices. He channels his funding through the George Soros Foundation and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Another initiative that the foundation supported and one that drew attention from the local and international media were the 2014 Ferguson protests. These erupted when a police officer shot and killed a teenage boy of African American descent. It all started out as a social media outcry, but with time, it escalated into full-blown street protests which took several weeks of police trying to contain the civilian unrest. The people who participated in the protests were ferried to Missouri by buses, and the Soros Foundation had funded these and follow his Twitter.

George Soros puts his money where his ideas are. He has also contributed a lot to support the Democratic Party candidates and the policies they support. One of his favorite democratic candidates is Hillary Clinton, whose politics Soros has always admired. He supported her a lot in the just concluded elections. He believes that Trump and the Conservatives are in a bid to take a country that had made such huge steps forward back to the dark ages and read full article.

More Visit: https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros

How Doe Deere Rose To The Top

There’s quite a few things you can say about Doe Deere, but one of the things nobody would dare accuse her of is failure. She’s managed to create a million dollar empire and was the first of the Youtube generation to do so. Now, Millennials across the world look at her as a model of success. Naturally, that success has led to so many people bringing hate towards her and what she has done. Despite those naysayers, she still remains one of the most successful ecommerce cosmetics dealers around. That only happens when you have the best business strategy around. Learn more: http://yourbeautycraze.com/how-beauty-expert-doe-deere-gets-ready


The most important to understand about the success of Doe Deere is that she has managed to create her success by taking her childhood ambitions and turning them into something. This is exactly what separates her from the competition. She wanted to this from a young age and fought to see her dreams come true. It started with one brand of lipstick, but her imagination and drive made it so much more. Few people ever reach her level of success because most people do not attempt to have that same level of creativity. Instead, many people start businesses with nothing but dollar signs in their head. Learn more: https://californiablog.org/content/doe-deere-releases-lime-crime-kitty-bundles-lip-color-duos-benefit-feral-cat-rescue


Doe Deere didn’t have anyone before her that she could model herself after. She was the first of the Youtube generation to try to make it big with a cosmetics business. Doe Deere had to take each and every fan of hers from simply watching her videos to actually buying a product. This conversion process is far from easy or simple. It isn’t for the faint of heart of those who don’t want to hear no. That trailblazing was risky, but it has paid off immensely. She is now at the top of her industry.


When Doe Deere decided to make Lime Crime, she didn’t have the privilege of insane amounts of money to spend on ads and market research. She had to trust her gut to give her the right approach to the market. There’s wisdom to be found in that approach you’ll likely never see in more conventionally created companies. Most companies have an unfortunate need to make sure every single move is laser guided and prepackaged before they decide to reach out. Deere was able to succeed precisely because she bucked those trends and went for the consumers she knew would lover her cosmetics.


Most people have amazing dreams as children, but as they become adults they slowly abandon their dreams. Doe Deere chose to never give up and spent years building her empire. Now, she enjoys the fruits of her labor while expanding the business. Lime Crime isn’t showing any signs of stopping with new efforts to create entirely new products and appeal to new consumers. Millennials are a creative bunch and trying everything to make themselves successful. If they follow in the footsteps of Doe Deere, they should have no problem reaching their goals and making something of themselves.


Securus Technologies Makes Everything Convenient

The number of people that have been visiting their family members in prison are going to want to check out what Securus provides. It has become one of the most interesting companies for those people that really want to make the most of their time. I have used the Securus video visitation software, and it has become one of the best things for me. I no longer have to wait in line when I go to a prison for visitation.


I don’t have to engage in any long commutes to see family members that I know that are incarcerated. I have found that it is much easier for me to connect with people that are interested in utilizing the video visitation software. I have friends that have been incarcerated for a while, and the video visitation software is the best thing that I could acquire for the regular visits that I engage in.


I think that anyone that is trying to keep in touch with their family members is going to enjoy the video visitation software. It has become a staple in my life, and I would recommend Securus Technologies to anyone that was looking for a better chance to stay connected. The thing that I like the most about this software is that it gives me a chance to add other people into my video sessions. I can add other friends that are in the room with me and we can all conduct a video visit with a friend that we have that is incarcerated. I do not believe that there is anything else that it’s going to be better than this when it comes to making a visit to someone that is in jail. I think that they enjoy this more because it allows them to connect regularly.